Monday, October 4, 2010

Fast But Not Furious

Time is really fast. I have not visited my blog for like forever. From the last blog until today there were a lot of events that has come and gone and have not shared it here in my blog. I was busy as a bee.
Let me start with September...Lance's first school activity. He had a speaking line. "Good day! My name is Lance. This is a lion. The King of the Jungle. You can also see it in the zoo. Thats all thank you." Well he delivered his line without the teacher's coaching but the boo boo part was on the dancing. I know he can dance well. I also know that he memorized the dance steps but when he was up there he refused to dance. As in not a single movement. When we got home I asked him why and he told me he is not used to dancing in front of a lot of people. Quite reasonable. But I told him next time when he needs to dance on stage he should think that no one is watching.
September is the little boy's birthday month. I just dont have a thing for really big celebrations. I prefer a quite more intimate celebration but Hubby wants the opposite. So we did celebrate his 4th birthday, twice. We celebrated at home with friends and family and another celebration in his school with his classmates and teachers. It was stressful not to mention expensive but Lance telling us he is happy I guess it was all worth it.
Its October already...almost Christmas. Why is it soo fast? I am now excited on putting up our Chrismtas tree. Still deciding on the theme but I'm down to 2 choices already. I have prepared my Christmas Gift List. Preparing the budget is a different endeavor. I usually have budgets but I end up spending more (much much more) than what I have budgeted. I hope this year I'll stay within my budget. I was just wondering how much do you need to spend for gifts?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Day High

Tomorrow is Lance's first day of school. I got a text message from the school director that "Getting to Know You Days" will start tomorrow. Students are given 3 days to adjust to school life specially for the first timers (Nursery). So I went to the grocery an hour before closing time - for me its the best time to do your groceries no more long lines.

Tomorrow he will be introduced to a different world; he will be making a small step into the real world. I'm not sure how he will do it but I know he can do it.

Tomorrow is the day that we will be officially sharing him to the rest of the world.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Growing Up Too Fast

Two weeks from now my little boy will start schooling already. I think he is ready for school but I am not. Not really about school but I guess I'm not yet ready to let go. He has grown up so fast and I can do nothing about it but watch.

At 3 and a half he knows what he wants to wear, where he wants to go, he even asks me if he can watch a certain movie. He understands why we have to wake him up early so that we can take him to Mamu before we leave for work. He knows that we have to leave him every morning because we need to work so we can buy him his toy cars (atleast that much he understands). Last night Hubby asked him to massage his back, he did what he was asked to do but he also told his dad to stop working so he won't get back pains. hehehe Smart kid.

Sometimes he wants to be treated like a baby but most of the time he tells me "Big boy na ako mommy di ba? I am proudest when I hear those words but at the same time in my heart, in a little corner of my heart (if there is a corner) I also feel a different kind of sadness.

I think I have to start letting go now.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Goodbye Kris Aquino?

Kris Aquino haters are on it again. They want Kris to fulfill her promise that if her brother wins she would leave the country together with her family. I was shocked to find a group in facebook waiting for her despedida. And the worst part of it is that it has somehow become a "national" issue.
I suggest they just stop and let her be. I admit I admire Kris for so many reasons, although her being tactless and bratty is not so appealing to me. But let us give her a break. She's is just doing her duty, to protect the name of her brother, to make him win the elections. Wouldn't you do it for your brother if you were in her shoes?
Kris is passionate in every thing that she does. You can really tell because she delivers what is expected of her. Remember Ondoy? She helped pull in a lot of donations. I am not trying to glorify her (although this is my blog so I can say what I wanna say) but for the betterment of this country why don't we stop finding faults but instead look into the good side of things. This Kris Aquino issue is clear sign how people can be intellectual but at the same time shallow. Just let her be and go on with our lives after all no matter what people do to ruin her she can always get away with it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Vote Rocks

My right to vote was excercised today - for the first time. Inang Bayan will be proud of me.

What next? Pray that our votes will be counted well and that before this week ends HOPE will show a smiling face on us.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy 10

Back in college I would often sit by the "batibot" (UP Cebu's famous tambayan by the tree) and spend my time counting beetles. I'm referring to the vintage car, "bao" or "pagong" as we call it in our local dialect/slang. It's actually a game. They say after counting/seeing 50 red beetles you will meet the man you will end up with but he must be able to comply with the condition that was set. Mine was 50 red beetles and a guy who will give me a white rose. So teeny bopper, I know!
Hundreds of red beetles has passed, I even shifted to different colors - from red to yellow then green; but the man with the white rose never came. It was just a game after all - I consoled myself.
It has been more than a decade since and I never met him - the one with the white rose. But instead I met a guy who stole a bunch of white roses from his aunt's party and gave it to me as a present. Sooo unromantic?!? Funny but that guy has held my hands for the last 10 years, cried with me, cried for me, laughed with me and even laughed at me. He's crazy like that but he has painted my world with different colors and it made me feel that I am Rainbow Brite.
No he never brought me that white rose but he gave what I really needed. He gave me the love that was right for me. A love that made me blossomed into the person I am now.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Only The Best

Time flies so fast. Four years ago I was looking for the best OB who will take care of me for the 9 months that I will be carrying him in my tummy and now here I am school hunting for a good Nursery to enroll L this school year.

I have learned from my parents how important it is to provide your children with the best education, and when I say best I mean the best within your means. I share the same philosophy with them however mine is modified a little bit. I know it wasn't easy for them. We were 5 and tuition fees were expensive (although not as expensive as it is now). I should say I am proud of my parents for enduring and grateful to have La Sallian education in my elementary and secondary years.

I also believe that it is important to send your child to a good school during the elementary and high school years that is why I am very meticulous in looking for a school for L. I may sound OA, I know its still Nursery but nevertheless I still want to make sure that it is better among the rest if not the best.

I am eyeing a good school down South (Las Pinas area). I've read forums and so far the feedback were all satisfactory. Hubby and I also attended their open house. We were toured around the campus (it reminded me of my alma mater, with all the trees and the green and white buildings) and we were able to ask questions as to the style of teaching (they are traditional) and all the other things you want to know about the school. We were satisfied but the search wont stop there.

We need to think things over, there's no rush. I am giving myself until the end of March to decide after all I just want only the best for L.